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People need to save more for retirement

Our annual survey indicates multiple financial burdens, and limited resources get in the way.

For three years, John Hancock has been asking participants about their financial lives in our annual Financial Stress Survey, to learn more about the causes of financial stress and how it impacts saving for retirement.

What we learned three years ago remains true today. People are concerned about retirement, but more immediate needs keep them from saving. They need help managing their overall financial picture to alleviate the stress and enable saving for retirement.

There is some encouraging news in this year’s survey, but there’s still room for improvement.

  1. Financial conditions and stress are improving, but the stress isn’t going away.
  2. Retirement is still #1 on the list of financial worries.
  3. People need a nudge, and we can extend our nudge beyond enrollment to help them.
  4. Adults engage when communications are targeted and provide concrete news they can use.
  5. People want holistic advice, both in person and online.

In 2017, we will provide more information about retirement stress and how John Hancock can help relieve some of the stress.

Getting your employees enrolled has never been easier!

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People need to save more for retirement

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