Lawrence Rises from the Dust


It wasn’t any picnic at the Poconos, but sports analyst Marc Lawrence crept past challenger Steve Cofield across the weekend to advance into the finals of the 11th Stardust Invitational on Dec. 16.

Lawrence defeated local radio talk show  esports games host Cofield 34 into 2 5 because the string of worse compared to .500 contestant showings continued.

Lawrence may become the next representative in arow from to be the Stardust winner.

He would succeed the site’s Big Al McMordie, the 2004 winner, who dropped Round 2 this season.

His finals competition will be the winner with the Friday’s match between author/handicapper Andy Iskoe and the pro Las Vegas gambler that goes by the single name of Fezzik.

The champion will amass a $10,000 winner take all prize.

The two players were among an original area of 16 that began competition in September.

They were paired to eight opening-round games, and with winners progressing and winners being removed.

Weekly’s two spotlighted guests make seven selections contrary to the Friday night Stardust lineup, including a best bet that may be used as a tie-breaker.

Picks are discussed to a Friday night radio show that airs from 9 to 10 p.m. (PST) on KDWN-720AM.

John Kelly and Seat Williams are all Co Hosts.

Lawrence and Cofield equally won on Kansas City. Lawrence, nevertheless, had the Chiefs plus inch (they won ) as a best bet. Cofield lost his very best option on South Florida plus 9.

Cofield and Lawrence went head to head on the Florida State-Virginia Tech game, with Lawrence taking the Seminoles plus 14 and winning straight up. UConn plus 15 1/2 was his third winner.

Lawrence dropped routine plays on South Florida in Addition to the Steelers with no 3 1/2, Titans and 16 and Packers along with 7.

Cofield’s other winner was the Minnesota Vikings with no 2 1/2.

Besides Virginia Tech and the Bulls, Cofield lost on the Browns plus 3, Redskins-Rams OVER 45 1/2 and UCLA and 2 1.